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About Us

No one night stands here, we’re all about relationships and transparency. Most of our clients have been with us almost as long as we have been around and the biggest compliment to our work is that the majority of our clients are from referrals. Our clients recommend us because they know we have a track record of executing their goals and actually meeting their expectations.

Your Goal Is To Accelerate


That simple goal can seem unreachable when you don't have the right tools and systems.

3 Reasons Why

The IT skills shortage is holding you back

Your team can't waste any more time recruiting and need to work in the business

You don't have the infrastructure and tools to recruit ethically, quickly and bypass border restrictions.  

The Proof Is In The Pudding

Bob Keen


General Manager

"They genuinely felt like partners as opposed to a company that we had contracted."

"We set an ambitious target of hiring 11 Senior MERN engineers within a month. To my surprise, we achieved that. During the entire process, PICWA felt like an in-house talent team and worked closely with us to find the right fit. Fast forward 4 years and we're still working with the same team PICWA provided and have no idea how we'd operate without them"

Spencer Kelleher

CEO | TerriTool