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"They genuinely felt like partners as opposed to a company that we had just contracted." - Bob Keen

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How It Works

Step 1: Discovery & Align

This is where we dive deeper into your role requirements and dissect it alongside you, so we can gauge a true understanding of the type of engineer you’re looking for in terms of technical skills and also the type of culture your team has. 

All this information is critical for us to find talent that are good-fit, so we don’t waste your precious engineering time on candidates that aren’t a good-fit and also deliver at a quicker pace. 

Step 2: War For Talent

In order for us to outperform traditional recruitment methods, we need to be able to represent your company and role in the best possible way. 

In this segment, we convert your writtenJD into a videoJD, where we showcase your culture, your company vision, your role requirements, growth opportunities and L&D benefits. 

This helps your role stand out in the market and influences candidates to continue with your hiring process, allowing us to also sell your company effectively to candidates. 

Step 3: Code Review or Live Assessment

This is how we deliver 40% faster and promise not to waste your engineering team’s time in interviewing.

Over the years, we’ve built a tech panel of former tech leaders, where they do either a ‘Code Review’ or ‘Refactor Live Code Exercise’ of candidates to see if their work/ability is consistent with what they’re claiming to be proficient in. 

Our goal is to align and enhance the candidate expereince, so if you’ve got a technical round or test, we’d incorporate this into this round. - Saving your company time and also speeding things up. 

Step 4: Your Interviewing Process

We then send you a list of shortlisted candidates and their interview notes/results, where you select the candidates that you would like to run your own hiring process.

Step 5: Offer & Negotiations 

This is optional but we can take care of negotiating your offer with the candidate, striving to secure the engineer with a fair offer that the candidate is happy with. Otherwise, we're more than happy for you to handle this or even do this segment with us.


Data-Driven Sourcing

Leverage our digital marketing automation techniques and unorthodox recruitment methods to get you in front of top tech candidates in New Zealand and Australia quickly. 

Save Interview Time

Leverage our extensive tech panel of former tech leaders, where they vet candidates to see if their work/ability is consistent with what they’re claiming to be proficient in. Helping you focus on candidates that are a good-fit. 

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We set an ambitious target of hiring 11 senior engineers within a month. To my surprise, we achieved that. During the entire process, PICWA felt like an in-house talent team and worked closely with us to find the right fit. forward 4 years and we're still working with the same team PICWA provided and have no idea how we'd operate without them.

Spencer Kelleher

CEO | TerriTool

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