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"They genuinely felt like partners as opposed to a company that we had just contracted." - Bob Keen

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How It Works

Step 1: Dissect Your Role

This is where we dive deeper into your role requirements and dissect it alongside you, so we can gauge a true understanding of the type of talent you’re looking for in terms of technical skills, non-technical skills and also the type of culture your team has. 

All this information is critical for us to find talent that will fit the role and be a culture-fit or a culture-add.

Step 2: Align Candidate Experience

Our biggest pet peeve is recruiters ghosting candidates and providing a poor candidate expereince. We built PICWA to challenge the status quo and provide ethical, equitable and productive recruitment.

This is what aligning the candidate expereince involves:

- Making your JD candidate friendly and ensuring your EVPs are clearly highlighted
- Adjusting your hiring process to support both a great candidate expereince but also covering due diligence
- Integrating our custom ATS feedback system to ensure there’s no extra work providing feedback and updates to candidates during the recruitment journey
A strong candidate expereince enhances your brand, enables you to secure top talent and leaves candidates more likely to apply again.

Step 3: Start Sourcing

Unorthodox is the mantra here, this process takes about 5-7 days. Where we don't just stick to Seek and Linkedin, we also dive deep into Twitter, Reddit, GitHub, TikTok and Instagram.

How? We use a combination of head-hunting techniques, digital ads and marketing automation to get in front of the best talent and also encourage them to apply to your role/s.

Step 4: Skills Interviews (Done For You)

This is how we save our clients 80% of their time and guarantee providing candidates that are a genuine skill-fit, enabling them to save a further $12,000 (on average).

How? Over the years we’ve built a network of Tech leaders, Senior Project Managers, Senior MarTech Digital Marketers, Head of Sales and most Tech Roles, where they perform role specific skill interviews that are made specifically for the role you’re looking for.

This part is done in Step 1 of our process with you.

This is done transparently, where reports and a cloud-based recording to the interview is provided within an hour of completion.

You can hold us accountable at anytime.

Step 5: Your Shortlisted Candidates & Interviews

We then send you a list of shortlisted candidates and their interview notes/results, where you select the candidates that you would like to run your own interview/s.

With Step 4, typically our clients are able to make a confident decision after a single interview per candidate on their end. However, this can be discussed prior and the number of rounds can be decided in accordance to what allows you to make a confident decision.

Step 6: Offer & Negotiations 

This is optional but we can take care of negotiating your offer with the candidate, striving to secure the engineer with a fair offer that the candidate is happy with. Otherwise, we're more than happy for you to handle this or even do this segment with us.

Step 7: Working For Your Brand

Each candidate that applies for a role via PICWA will always get a response with personal feedback and the opportunity to contest any feedback via our system. In addition to this, we've got systems to support timely feedback and updates.

Our rule: All candidates must walk away happy with the way we've handled the recruitment process on behalf of you, even if they haven’t secured a role.


Data-Driven Sourcing

Leverage our digital marketing automation techniques and unorthodox recruitment methods to get you in front of top tech candidates in New Zealand and Australia quickly. 

Save Interview Time

Leverage our extensive interview panel of leaders in tech roles, where they vet candidates to see if their work/ability is consistent with what they’re claiming to be proficient in. Helping you focus on candidates that are a good-fit. 

Candidate Experience

Leverage our obsession to enhance the experience of the candidates
through our custom software and ability to execute personalisation at scale. Your company, your candidates, valued through our clarity and communication.


D.E.I starts at the top of the funnel in your talent pipeline. 
With our custom ATS software and unorthodox sourcing strategies, we're able to recruit with no bias at scale, enabling us to implement D.E.I initiatives in accordance to your policies. Something we're proud of and encourgae

Your digital team covered.

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We set an ambitious target of hiring 11 senior engineers within a month. To my surprise, we achieved that. During the entire process, PICWA felt like an in-house talent team and worked closely with us to find the right fit. forward 4 years and we're still working with the same team PICWA provided and have no idea how we'd operate without them.

Spencer Kelleher

CEO | TerriTool

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