Have you ever asked yourself?

  • How in this world can I increase the size of my team rapidly?
  • How do I leverage a remote recruitment partner to build a global team successfully to accomplish my goals faster?
  • How do I find new talent on-demand without wasting months on recruiting?
  • How do I build an in-house team with remote engineers?

    Our Story

    Founders AJ Sahni and Dhaval Gadhvi were freelancers, freelancing for many funded-startups. They found it very difficult to find development partners that were elastic, had a growth-driven process and agile enough to work coherently with fast-paced funded startups. In essence, it was almost non-existent.

    That’s why In 2016, PICWA was born by coding digital products for funded-startups and enterprise companies. From there, demand for development grew and with the skills shortage locally, we were forced to establish offshore engineering hubs. We started off with opening our USA campus in 2018 and then quickly opened up a campus in India.

    We quickly noticed that startups and growth companies were hesitant to hire globally because of the costs, compliance and time involved with creating an offshore development hub. In addition to this, they were very hesitant to leverage an outsourcing partner as they wanted to foster culture and really grow with the people they hired.

    We're firm believers in fostering a culture and building in-house capability, especially when you're in growth mode and you have a long-term vision. We then decided to leverage our already well-oiled network and global infrastructure. Since then, we’ve helped build multiple in-house remote teams using our campuses in India, USA and New Zealand. We’re passionate about helping catalyst growth through diversified, in-house and global remote engineering teams.