EP 17: How To Succeed As A VC Investor with Rob Vickery (Managing Partner of Hillfarrance Venture Capital)

WayForward.tv - By Anuj Singh-Sahni

Today we’re in conversation with Rob Vickery, the founder and Managing Partner of Hillfarance Venture Capital.

In this episode, we get an insider’s look into how Rob evaluates startups and what he cares about as a VC. We also uncover the person behind the title, touching on Rob’s life outside of work, his experience with burnout, and how he sets boundaries to respect his time and mana.

I asked Rob: “How does a founder stay motivated with a sub-par salary?”Expecting he’d talk about hustle, delayed gratification and the bigger picture.  He dove into why a founder should pay themselves a living wage (your living wage). To be honest, it was thought-provoking.The risks he’s outlined are incredibly valid and I feel that if you're a founder that's closing a funding round, you have an obligation to ask/outline for your living wage, it’s a win-win. Rob Vickery 🇺🇦& I dove in to multiple topics around the startup space, specifically tech and I had a ball chatting to him. Links to this thought-provoking episode are in the links below.

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