EP 24: Rocket-Charge The Success Of Your Startup (With Flavio)

WayForward.tv - By Anuj Singh-Sahni

Today we’ve got Flavio, who’s coached multiple startups within the New Zealand tech space. He's helped validate tech ideas, rocket-charge revenue operations, and build strong money + business models. Now if you don’t know what some of this means, then you must listen to this podcast, we go through it all, in this hour-long podcast that could potentially rocket-charge your startup.If you want to learn more about how Flavio helps the startup space rocket-charge their success then please view Selfstarters.co

Imagine having low competition, higher margins and stronger authority in the market?

Let’s talk about Blue Oceans vs Red Oceans…

Red oceans are all the business that offer services that are in abundance of existence today – the known market space. Cut-throat competition in existing industries turns the ocean bloody red. Hence the term ‘red ocean‘

Blue oceans are all the business that offer services that are either scare or not in existence today – the unknown market space. Unexplored and untainted by competition.

The Blue ocean strategy focuses on creating new demand, where companies develop uncontested market space rather than fight over a shrinking profit pool. While the red ocean strategy is all about competition, where the market space gets more crowded, companies compete fiercely for a greater share of limited demand.

Now you must be thinking, how do I adopt a blue ocean strategy?

Flavio of Selfstarters here explains how to navigate your business into a Blue Ocean strategy.

A couple of weeks ago, we had a strong chat about market validation, optimising revenue operations, imposter syndrome (the good from it) and money vs business models. To absorb the rest of it, please head down to the full podcast through the links below.

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