EP 22: Quadrupling Revenue - Strategically Scaling with Sachee Perera (COO of CorePlan)

WayForward.tv - By Anuj Singh-Sahni

Today we’re in conversation with Sachee who was recently appointed the COO of CorePlan, helped with the growth of startups like UberEats and was the founder of Bugle. Sachee tells all, revealing his lessons from building a marketplace, quadrupling CorePlan’s revenue, and on a more personal note, burnout.

Working hard, booking a lot of meetings but still... nothing moving the needle?

I've been there myself. A constant battle to stay afloat.

Our problem was that we were only focusing on larger corps, to make a statement (to myself).

4 Years ago, our team collectively wasted 12 months on scoring meetings with large corporates, running through multiple negotiations and then only closing less than 5% of them.

This wasn't enough, we simply weren't growing.

We went through multiple sales coaches and that improved our close rates for each stage of the sales cycle but that still wasn't enough.

The problem lay with who we were approaching. We stepped back and built persona's of who/what the ideal customer looks like and removed brand/size bias from it.

We really focused on what 'Ideal' actually means. For us, that's a customer that is aware of the problem they have, wants a solution for it AND it makes economic sense for them to solve it through a paid solution.

That exercise changed the trajectory for us.

In this snippet Sachee explains why he thinks the mid-market is the best market to approach when starting out and also looking to scale. Having experienced this first-hand, I couldn't agree more.

I had an absolute ball speaking to Sachee, learnt a whole lot about growth and implemented some advice in our business.

If you're thinking about growth, be it startup or a business. I'm sure this conversation with Sachee will help you pave the way forward.

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