EP 21: How To Align Your Tech Strategy & Product Goals - Seb Poole (Co-Founder Frankie Health)

WayForward.tv - By Anuj Singh-Sahni

Today we’re in conversation with Seb Poole, the co-founder of med-tech startup Frankie Health, a Giant in residence for Blackbird and the former CPO/CTO for Hulii.

Seb brings a wealth of experience on the operations and tech side of growing tech startups. Lucky for us, he’s sharing them through practical tips and tools and some straightforward advice. If you’re a CTO, engineer or someone interested in starting a tech startup, this episode is for you.

What is a customer worth at the end of the day?

Surprisingly QA is the most overlooked function I’ve seen with small tech teams.

It’s not their fault…

They’ve just got limited resources and they’ve also got to move the needle.

Seb articulates a great strategy to foster a TDD driven culture, workflow and set of tools within a small tech team.

Even if you’ve got limited resources

You can still work towards building a stable app

Build reporting so you can quickly resolve bugs/issues

Overall, build a better expereince for your customer.

It’s safe to say that I had an absolute ball speaking to Seb about his journey and dissecting key insights.

He’s been the CTO & Co-Founder for Go Fetch Jobs, Head Of Engineering + Product for Agogly, Head Of Operations & IT at GRANA, CTP/CP & Co Founder for Hulii, is a Giant in Residence at Blackbird and currently the Co-Founder for Frankie Health

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